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The Holidays

December 22, 2009

Had our first Christmas gathering this past week, not sure how many of us are really Christans, but I think we’re still sticking with that Christmas title, not the generic ‘Holidays’ but that’s a post I’m really not going to get into now. Ok, anyways, had our friend gathering and my partners in War got me a few more daemons to play with. Steve got me the Bloodthirster. I haven’t seen one of these guys in person since the old models, and damn it’s awesome. Pictures really don’t do it justice. I can’t wait to get started on it, a few converisions perhaps, we’ll see, probably just some sweet lava basing. Top got me a gift card for more warhammer goodness, going to pick up a box of Bloodletters with it, then I’ll only need 2 more boxes and I’ll have enough for the 2.5k list 🙂 Finally the Hauneka Zombie got me the Masque model, rock on. Another great model, won’t need any modification, just another sweet basing job, and some paint. I also got in my HoS model, which is from the Hordes line of minis, she’s a bit smaller than I thought she’d be. When compared to the Daemonettes, she’s slightly smaller, I was hoping for slightly larger, but oh well, she’ll just have to stand on a larger rock to get her up taller.

I’ve been continuing to work on the flesh hounds, and I’ll try and get some pictures up of them when a full unit of 5 is ready to start being painted. I’m starting to get the hang of working with greenstuff, and even saw a tutorial on how to properly put on the scales… now if only I had a bit more talent to do it.


Daemons – Flesh Hounds

December 17, 2009

I just realized, to someone not familiar with warhammer at all, that’s a really scary title. There’s no telling how deep into hell this little post is bound to go…. no worries for anyone faint of heart, it’s really all just about a silly little table top, wargame set in a fantasy world. That sounds much better, right?

Anyhow, I’ve gotten to work on the bases for the flesh hounds. They’ll be running in 3 units of 5, and I got the first 5 bases done, and started playing with the models, just to see who would go where and how it’ll eventually look. Since the GW ‘flesh hound’ models are way over prices, I ended up buying the chaos hounds from the WoC army to use, mixed with 1 pack (5) of the flesh hound models. Setting them side by side however, I realized why I haven’t seen anyone else do this. They’re really not sized to go together. The flesh hounds are quite a bit larger. I’m going to try and put them all together though, modeling the flesh hounds and the chaos hounds to look as similar to each other as possible, even though one has scales and the other fur. I am taking off the silly lizard collar thing they have on the flesh hounds, I can’t stand that, they’re dogs, not lizards. The chaos hounds will be getting longer than normal tales and larger spikes all over. I’m going to go over the fur abit as well, cover up a bit more if it and I’m hoping it’ll look like they have a little larger body that way. However, since I’m not the greatest at creating smooth skin from greenstuff, or scales for that matter, we’ll just have to see how it all turns out. When both sets are done, we’ll see if they’re able to mix and match, or just run them in seperate units, only time will tell.

I’m pretty excited to get the lava bases painted up, that’ll be pretty fun. They’re similar to the test ones posted earlier, and I combined two bases together into one, so I could use a larger rock. As far as movement trays, I’m thinking something simple and elegant this time, hopefully something metal that can sit underneather and not really be seen. Since they’re lava bases, with rocks and all, I might beable to replicate that on a movement tray, but since they’re so thin, I dont’ think I’ll have room for the rocks on there, in which case it’ll just look like they’re surrounded by lava, not exactly what I’m going for… Gotta think on this one more as well.


A Finished Daemon

December 16, 2009

Finally got this little guy looking right. Did a light sourcing from underneath, as he’s standing on lava, and changed around his sword too, I think the blue and metal stand out a lot better than the firey version from before. Only 34 more of the little doods to do yet.



December 14, 2009

Man it’s been crazy lately, got a bunch of work done on the basement though. One wall is up, and almost all anchored into the concrete, insulation will be going in this week, and hopefully I can start on the adjacent wall soon as well. Day by day, one step closer to done…

Since my carboy was empty after bottling day, Kel and I did another batch. We’ve got a red fermenting downstairs now, should be ready for bottling in about another 2 weeks or so. Doing this second batch all from extract was a bit different. I think I’m just a little low on water for it, so it might come out too sweet, but we’ll see how that all works out. I do realize I need to get a wort chiller though, setting it outside at -10 degrees, still took over 2 hours to cool down enough to pitch the yeast. Needless to say, it was quite a long night. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end though.  We’re going to call this new one Mustang Kelly, since it’s a red and Kelly likes mustangs 🙂 For the next batch, I’m thinking something dark, porter, or a stout.


Test Bloodletter

December 11, 2009

Still need a bit of work done on the bases, but since I had a bit of time last night, waiting for the Wort to cool down, I figured I’d finish off the test model for the Bloodletters.  I debated the colors of some parts of him for quite some time, and in the end I’m still not that happy with the sword or his back ‘shark’ fins. I’ll be checking around the net for something that might look better, because right now it all just blends with itself too much, too much red. I did try a bit of light sourcing from below, I think it’ll need another lighter coat to really be effective, again, not sure it’ll stay on till the final versions though.


Basing day 2

December 9, 2009

Got to work on the bases more tonight. Yesterday I assembled them and greenstuffed them together, today was painting after the green stuff fully dried. I tried to follow one of the tutorials I had found online earlier, starting with a mostly yellow base, working your way darker for the cool spots, near the rocks I had set in, and then using white highlight for the really hot spots. I think the white came out a bit too stark, and lined, it needs to be brushed in a bit better yet, and I need to cover the lava parts in a gloss enamal yet to give it a shine. But here it is, as is, also there’s a couple shots with the models place on them for scale and to see how they’ll all fit together. I’ll stop by the store tomorrow and get the rest of the things I need. Almost finished with the first test bloodletter as well… just needs a few more layers, and a couple new colors I currently don’t have… then again, I might not get a chance tomorrow, it’s brew day after all!


Catching Up

December 8, 2009

As I mentioned before, I finished up the High Elf bolt thrower last week, felt so good to finally have the 2k High Elves finished up. So I thought I’d share some pictures quick.

Also started on the Daemon bases. Bought a slate type rock at the pet shop today, it’s for going in the bottom of a fish tank, smashed it up with a hammer and I’m using the chips as floating rocks above the motlen lava. The Slaanesh fellows will have a bit more slate under them, and the Khorne guys will have more lava showing… my way of tying them all together, in addition to the colors that will be used. Anyhow, here’s some shots of the bases coming together, green stuff holding the rocks on, and the lava will hopefully get painted up tomorrow to finish the first ones off. Then I’ll get the tests done on the bloodletter and the daemonette.