Catching Up

December 8, 2009

As I mentioned before, I finished up the High Elf bolt thrower last week, felt so good to finally have the 2k High Elves finished up. So I thought I’d share some pictures quick.

Also started on the Daemon bases. Bought a slate type rock at the pet shop today, it’s for going in the bottom of a fish tank, smashed it up with a hammer and I’m using the chips as floating rocks above the motlen lava. The Slaanesh fellows will have a bit more slate under them, and the Khorne guys will have more lava showing… my way of tying them all together, in addition to the colors that will be used. Anyhow, here’s some shots of the bases coming together, green stuff holding the rocks on, and the lava will hopefully get painted up tomorrow to finish the first ones off. Then I’ll get the tests done on the bloodletter and the daemonette.

One comment

  1. These are gonna be so badass!

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