The Phoenix Gate Defenders (High Elves)

The defenders of the Phoenix Gate: current 2k list

Prince, Star Dragon (changing toolkit)

Noble, BSB, Battle Banner, Dragon Armor, Great Weapon, Shield, Barded Steed

Mage (caddie)

10 LSG

10 LSG

14 White Lions Champ, Standard, Lion Banner


1 Lion Chariot

5 Dragon Princes

all the models finished so far…

1 Arch Mage, riding an Elven steed.

1 Mage on foot (floating rocks really)

1 Prince on a Star Dragon

1 Noble on a barded Elven steed carrying the armies banner (bsb)

5 Dragon Princes (full command)

15 White Lions (standard and champion)

10 Lothern Sea Guard (x2)

1 Lion Chariot

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers.

under construction:

6 Sliver Helms (champion)

2 Grea Eagles.

10 Archers (x2)

18 Spearelves (full command)


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