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Converted Furies in Progress

February 25, 2010

AHHHHHHHH, flying bloodletters….. I hate having daemons in the house, especially after watching Paranormal Activity. Stupid movie….  Anyhow, I finally got some paint on these little conversions, and got their bases finished up too. Here’s where we’re at so far.

I apologize for the aweful pictures, I’m going to have to bring them down to the studio and use the good equipment after a few more a finished up.

As for the conversions, super easy, and I think effective. I got a package of closed harpy wings from GW and greenstuffed them to the back of a bloodletter. I made sure to pick poses that already looked as if they were falling forward and tried to get a cohesive feel for the unit, as if they’re just landing.

Hope you like em, leave me some comments if you do, or don’t or whatever.


A New Plan

February 20, 2010

Just for fun, and since I don’t really have quite enough going on in my life right now 😛 I’ve decided to try a little experiment using the Ebay. I won an auction for 5 beastmen gor’s on the sprue for a super low price. I figure I’ll get those painted up and put back on Ebay just to see if I can sell them for more than I bought them for, with the idea of buying another with the money from selling those, and repeating the process. I’m hoping this will help me expand my painting portfolio a bit, and help me appreciate painting my armies, rather than feel as if I’m still slogging through hundreds of rank in file troopers. Well, here’s hoping at least.


Finished up some Daemons

February 17, 2010

Alright, finished up some Daemonettes this morning!! I’ll get some better pictures done soon, but here’s what they’re looking like on the painting table.

Started on the bases for my bloodletter/furies conversion, I have 3 of the 5 done so far, and I’m thinking they’ll be next to get painted up. Anywho, here’s the sneak peak Steve.

The conversion was super easy, just some closed harpy wings from GW stuck on with greenstuff. Since the army is mostly Khorne themed, and I like the Bloodletter models way more then the fugly furies models, I think this will work out much better. Can’t wait to get them finished up.



February 16, 2010

Just a quick updater post, since I feel as though I’m ignoring my blog.

Some gaming up dates today, the Daemonettes are all painted up, just need the lava bases done for the Champ and Standard. I’m hoping to have those finished up tonight. Then the movement tray needs a coat of paint and we’ll be ready to post some pictures up here.

It’s been taking me forever to get the painting on them done, not enough time in a day, and I’ve been busy assembling the rest of the horde. My bloodthirster should be complete today. Last night I finished up the last of the bloodletters as well, even the 5 furies that were made from bloodletters are done. I’m thinking they’ll be next to paint, since they can’t be put on their bases until the painting is complete.

I’ve realized, yet again, that having a deadline is super helpful for me. We have a league starting in town on the 28th of this month, and I’d really love to have my Daemons ready for it. With the new motivation, I don’t think it’ll be a problem at all.


Daemonic Horde

February 11, 2010

Well, it’s getting there at least. More assembled, more painted, yet more and more to do.

The unit of Daemonettes is painfully close to finished… I’ll have pictures of them up as soon as they’re ready.

I’ve got so much of this daemon army in half finished stages, it’ll be super nice to have one finished unit. Hopefully I can just step back then and focus on finishing one thing at a time. It’s funny though, this was the army that I was going to only play painted, yet, every time a game comes along I want to bring the daemons and end up just partly assembling more and more whilst putting off painting… time for some focus for sure!