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Sprunkles or Sprinklet?

March 29, 2010

I certainly feel as if this blog as become super neglected. Not but choice so much as by busyness though. With spring time coming around, there always seems to be a shift in my life, away from gaming and on towards more industrious tasks, such as working on completing the basement or cleaning up the yard.

In those respects the basement certainly has come a long ways. The rest of the walls down there will be finished framing this week/weekend and the electrical hopefully shortly there after. It’s super exciting to see the project progress, as it’s been in a state of stagnation for the past month or so, waiting on tax refund monies.

As for warhammering, even though I haven’t been posting on here much, I have gotten a few games in. Had a fun game with the new VC vs my High Elves, that ended in a major win for the elves. But there hasn’t been much for painting or building. It just seems to me that the house is a bit more important as of late. Along those shifting values in my life, as the pendulum swings away from painting and building models, the blog will reflect and talk more about the construction work. At least for the time being that is.

Snake Eyes : Box Cars will still be discussing gaming, and we’ll continue to game. I’m going to try and keep the comic on that site running as well.



January 14, 2010

Got a bunch of work done on the basement today, the Warhammer room is almost all enclosed now, just need to do the wall that will have the door and a closet. For my exterior walls, I’m at the most difficult part, going around all kinds of plumbing means cutting the boards to allow room for the pipes, and headers at different levels. It’s a lot of measuring and re-measureing and cutting and slow going. The good news is though, in a bout 4 feet I’ll be clear of them and it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the way around the exterior. Then insulation and I’m set for a bit before starting the interior walls.

Got a few more bloodletters assembled today too, only 17 more to go. I think I’m going to pick up the bloodcrusher that’s at Johnny Cees soon for my herald, as they’re going for almost the same price on the ebay. Once he’s put together I’ll be ready to play the 2k army w/o needing to proxy anything!


Almost Closed In

January 11, 2010

Got a ton of work done on the basement today, finished up the exterior facing walls in the storage room and started on the interior seperating wall. It’s getting easier and easier the more I work at it, which I suppose is what practice is for right? The down side to getting to work on that all day, and some of the weekend was no Warhammer painting. Hopefully tonight I’ll get a model or 2 done.

I’ll post some pictures of the storage room when I get the last wall up and enclosed fully. Hopefully in a week or so!



December 23, 2009

Got a bunch of work done on the basement this week so far. Finished up another exterior wall, and started getting insulation in. Only a few more panels of that left to go, and it’s time for electrical. It’s been a lot of fun so far. I love getting to play with the hammer drill, putting holes in concrete and smashing a z bolt down there with sledge hammer is really quite amusing. I’m starting to get better at using the nail gun as well. My toe-nailing is going much better, I think the connections are coming together well. Using a plumb bob is a new experience as well, kind of tedious, but really helps to get things straightened out. I feel like I’m actually putting up some pretty straight walls now, feels damn good. I’m only about 2/5’s done with the exterior walls down there, but still hoping to hit my end of Jan. goal of having all those done with insulation added, hoping to keep the heating costs down over the winter.



December 14, 2009

Man it’s been crazy lately, got a bunch of work done on the basement though. One wall is up, and almost all anchored into the concrete, insulation will be going in this week, and hopefully I can start on the adjacent wall soon as well. Day by day, one step closer to done…

Since my carboy was empty after bottling day, Kel and I did another batch. We’ve got a red fermenting downstairs now, should be ready for bottling in about another 2 weeks or so. Doing this second batch all from extract was a bit different. I think I’m just a little low on water for it, so it might come out too sweet, but we’ll see how that all works out. I do realize I need to get a wort chiller though, setting it outside at -10 degrees, still took over 2 hours to cool down enough to pitch the yeast. Needless to say, it was quite a long night. I’m sure it’ll all be worth it in the end though.  We’re going to call this new one Mustang Kelly, since it’s a red and Kelly likes mustangs 🙂 For the next batch, I’m thinking something dark, porter, or a stout.



November 27, 2009

Talked at an extensive length last night and yesterday with family about finishing the basement. Finally some answers, some direction, and most importantly the reason for doing things so. I’m being vague on purpose, mostly because I need to redo some work that has already been done. But it will all be worth it in the end and I’m now much more confident in the procedures and methods of just how to build these walls, insulate them and setup the vapor barrier. So it’s off to Menards to get some more materials, more wood, and start things up the right way.


A day in the life: 11-14/15

November 15, 2009

FD-6panelAdventures in randomland this weekend were, well, random. Got a lot of house stuff done, cut a hole in the wall and installed a door with a lot of Adam power. Was a pretty great project, except when we made the door hole about 1/2 inch too small, so we had to redo a bunch of it, which was certainly special. Remember out there to measure twice and build a wall once. While working on the door we noticed the furnace was leaking water, which isn’t really something you want your furnace to do, water being the opposite of fire and all. So we poked around, cleaned out the water trap and thought it was good to go. But when I woke up this morning to a furnace blowing cold air and the house in the 50’s, obviously something was still wrong. Got it all fixed up tonigth though, and I’d rather not mentioned what happened, I’ll only say it didn’t cost anything to get it working properly again…

Went to the dog park twice, which was great, Oliver did wonderfully with the other dogs, except for behaving like an old grouchy grandpa. I seems to not be able to keep up with the labs and other mid sized dogs there, they can turn too fast for him, and he’s not really sure how to act around puppies either. When 2 black lab puppies were playing, he tried to play with them which didn’t work at all and ended in him just barking at the little ones, ‘hey settle down kids, before someone gets hurt’. Then today he almost crushed an even smaller puppy by almost stepping on it.

Went super shopping, which is aweful this time of year. We’re not even close to doing holiday shopping yet, but everybody else seems to be. The stores are playing Christmas music already, 2 weeks prior to Thanksgiving, insane. Every store is so crowded it’s a pain in the ass to walk around and look at stuff, and even worse to checkout. But the good news is, it’s only going to get worse for the next 45 days or so before calming down. I think I may just resort to internet shopping this year.

I do have to say though that EiD’s holiday part was pretty cool. It’s early in the season, but correlates with Randy’s birthday, so that’s somehow ok in my mind. The store was amazing as always, save for a few rooms upstairs which Nicole’s has taken over. I’m pretty sure I don’t like them. Snobby ladies paying way too much for clothing. I heard their owner describing quite enthusiasticly how sexy and hot a pair of shoes were to some prospective customers. I obviously don’t get it. I think what bugs me most about Nicole’s being there is the different clientile they bring in. There’s just something about the women there I saw shopping the clothes verses the interior decor stuff that just rubbed me the wrong way. Something about them just seemed to not really mesh with me, all this without even talking to any of them, go prejustice.

Ahh well, other than those adventures, we went out to dinner at the Great Dane, and hung out with Kel’s siblings. Got a game of Warhammer in too, I’ll have a battle report coming soon over at Snake Eyes Box Cars.