Basing day 2

December 9, 2009

Got to work on the bases more tonight. Yesterday I assembled them and greenstuffed them together, today was painting after the green stuff fully dried. I tried to follow one of the tutorials I had found online earlier, starting with a mostly yellow base, working your way darker for the cool spots, near the rocks I had set in, and then using white highlight for the really hot spots. I think the white came out a bit too stark, and lined, it needs to be brushed in a bit better yet, and I need to cover the lava parts in a gloss enamal yet to give it a shine. But here it is, as is, also there’s a couple shots with the models place on them for scale and to see how they’ll all fit together. I’ll stop by the store tomorrow and get the rest of the things I need. Almost finished with the first test bloodletter as well… just needs a few more layers, and a couple new colors I currently don’t have… then again, I might not get a chance tomorrow, it’s brew day after all!


  1. Wow, these look amazing!!

  2. Thanks dooder, still some cleanup stuff to do with them yet though.

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