Daemons of a Chaotic Nature

Just started collecting these guys. I’ll start posting pictures as conversions and painting gets completed.

So far for the list I’m looking at

  • Bloodthirster to lead
  • Hearld of Khorne (skulltaker model, already have, or might do a conversion)
  • Hearld of Slaanesh (this model from Hordes)
  • The Masque
  • Unit of 19 Bloodletters (herald here, core infantry, the center of the line)
  • Unit of 15 Bloodletters (core infantry)
  • Unit of 10 Daemonettes (flanking unit)
  • Unit of 5 furies (cheap and usefull)
  • 3 Units of 5 Khorne Hounds (shock cav, my heavy hitters)
  • 4 Feinds of Slaanesh (super fast, can fight where needed against light troops)
  • 3 Bloodcrushers (really heavy cav, riding with Khorne Hounds)

And that’s 2.5k, not too many models, but what daemon army is really. I’m thinking this will be a quick army, an effective strong, if small infantry push with a lot of support to hit where and when needed. The slowest movement in the army is 5, and that’s just the bloodletters.

As for models, I already have 10 Daemonettes 4 fiends of Slaanesh, 20 Bloodletters, the Skulltaker model, the Bloodthirster, the Masque, the Hordes HoS and all the hounds. Only really need 3 bloodcrushers and 2 more boxes of bloodletters. I’m thinking I’ll just make the furies out of the extra bloodletters, add some wings and should be good to go.

A couple of test models done so far.

Thoughts on a 2k Daemon List:

  • Bloodthirster – Armour of Khorne, Dark Insanity, Immortal Fury (545)
  • The Masque of Slaanesh (90)
  • Herald of Khorne – Juggernaut, Armour of Khorne (165)
  • 14 Bloodletters, Champ, Standard (192)
  • 15 Bloodletters, Champ, Standard (204)
  • 10 Daemonettes, Champ, Standard (144)
  • 5 Flesh Hounds (175)
  • 5 Flesh Hounds (175)
  • 2 Fiends of Slaanesh (110)
  • 2 Beasts of Nurlge (200)

A bit more of a  rounded lists, adding Nurgle’s beasts, and taking out a unit of Flesh Hounds. I have all the models save for the Herald on the Jugger and I’d need one more box of Bloodletters. I’m thinking this is the list to shoot for to start though. Only 55 models to paint and we’re there! Well, 50 more that is…


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