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January 29, 2010


Super excited for it, got the army all on the display board downstairs now, just chilling out, looking cool. They’re going over their game plan on how to stay alive and slaughter their foes… or something like that.

The Elves are ready to play!!

We’ll have all the coverage over at Snake Eyes : Box Cars sometime next week!

Painted up this troll for the Steven to use as his messanger this weekend. Can’t wait for the Orc’s to field him now that he’s looking alright 🙂



January 27, 2010

Here it is, finally the big day. Apple announcing their tablet, so named iPad. Much like a large iPod touch, works with all the same apps, using bluetooth and wifi. It’ll ship in 3 different sizes, 16gb 32gb and 64gb, flash memory.


The best part, they’ve hit a great target with the price, starting at $499 for the 16gb. $599 for the 32gb and $699 for the 64gb. And should be ready for consumers in about 2 months.

They’re shipping with apple accesories… (not sure on prices for them yet) Picture frame type docking station, an external keyboard, and a nice case which also doubles as a stand.

Other tech specs, it weighs only 1.5lbs and is 0.5″ thick. Has a high definition 9.7″ multi-touch display running at 1024×768, and a reported 10-hour battery life. It will be powered by the Apple 1GHz A4 chip. The iPad will be able to access the iTunes store, App store and the Book store via the web and stream HD youtube. Hoping for a Pandora or other Cloud music service available for streaming as well, which I’m sure will work, just wasn’t one of the announcements.

The iPad will also have a speaker and a microphone. There will be a 3g version on GSM and mini-SIM which will add $160 to the price of any memory sized device. I’m thinking this won’t be able to act as a phone, beside perhaps through an app, but can you imagine how cumbersome that would be, holding an almost 10″ device up to your noggen, not too much fun for sure.

I’d personally really like to see a personal expandable memory system via SD cards. Paying $100 for 16gb or $100 for then another 32gb seems like a lot when SD has gotten so cheap. Using expandable also means swapping out a card for video/music/books etc to keep things seperate… at least for me that works better. Since it’s Apple, I’m sure that won’t be the case, at least until MS brings out their own version sometime next year.

Gotta say though, I’m not too impressed by the name, I thought when they secured iSlate, we’d see that being the new tablet’s name, unless of course they have another one on the way. I don’t know though iPad sounds too close to iPod, and is just rather silly. I mean what’s next the iPed or iPid or iPud or maybe sometimes the iPyd?


Wash/Dip pics – Army Display Board

January 26, 2010

Got my order in from GW yesterday, and the army board is now covered in grass. Still need to put a coat or two of varnish on the outside wood, and a bit of touch up painting on the soil/roads/rocks before that gets sprayed. I’m also thinking of how to create a name plate… not sure if that will get done in time for Waggh-paca or not, but at least the board will be finished up.

Finally got around to getting pictures up of the dipped models as well. Les’s recipe worked out great, here’s a plain white model after the dip.

Looking great as is for something like a VC army, but since they’re High Elves, they could use a bit more color. This will make speed painting a breeze though (not that I really do that much any more…).

I put some on the finished Daemonettes as well… here’s the before/after to really see the difference.

Since this was working out so well, I figured I’d get all the High Elves finished up as well. Over the weekend they all got washed and are now certainly ready for the big game.



January 23, 2010

Took a drive today to the art/craft store to pick up a few things, namely Acrylic medium and retarder, to create a wash/dip via Les’s recipe.  Super simple to make, and oh my god does it make a differece on the models. I did a black wash and after it dries, the contrast created really makes the models pop. I dipped the daemonettes that I have painted so far, they’re dry now and looking great. Amazing how simple this is. Why haven’t I been doing this the whole time?

Since it is working out so well, I’ve also started going back through the ranked high elves and washing them. I can’t wait to finish the whole army with this technique!


Dwarf Lord, better pics

January 21, 2010

sort of… just worked on the last ones… but I like it this way better… posting up on CoolMiniOrNot today as well, go vote for me 😉 This will be my first mini up there, and I’m just hoping to break 5.5


TWF: Mini Exchange

January 20, 2010

Pictures of the Dwarf Lord. I’m pretty happy with how he turned out, and I hope the guy who’s getting him likes him too.


High Elves: Display Board

January 20, 2010

Almost finished up the display board this morning. It’s mostly painted up, stained and all put together, just needs some more paint tonight and then ready for static grass. It’ll be heavily covered in static grass, which I’m hoping really brings it all together more and helps the realism aspect.

Decided to go with the diamond pattern to showcase the dragon even more. He gets to stand up on the hill with bolt throwers and look all menacing. I’m still trying to decide if I should put a name plate type thing the front. “Defenders of the Phoenix Gate” as the army is named… need that fluffy stuff.