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Wetting the Brush

June 11, 2010

It’s been quite the productive week, finished up 6 Spearelves this week. The unit is now all filled out at 18, just in time for 8th ed which will push the unit to 28 I’m thinking 7×4 and since their elves, they can still all attack 🙂



June 10, 2010

I was poking through my elf bits earlier this week looking for a suitable new head for my GameZone Winged Knight I’ll be running as a mounted lord/hero… you know the old High Elf logic, the bigger the hat the more important they are… well his hat’s currently tiny.

Anywho, whilst digging around I started seeing some spear elf legs… so collecting them, and then the bodies, arms, heads, and spears I found out that I still have at least 11 more elves I haven’t even put together yet, bringing my 18elf unit up to 29, 30 with hero. That rocks!! I’ll hopefully even have this done before the 8th edition box set comes out, so that’ll all be new units for me! What a great day!!

My new mounted Lord/Hero


Wetting the Brush : Even More Elves

June 4, 2010

Finally with Pictures!!!

Finished up almost 3 spear elves today, just need to base the standard and they’ll be just awaiting shields like the rest of the new spearelves.

Hopefully over the next couple weeks the back rank will be all finished up bringing the unit to a full 18 elves, at least until 8th ed comes out, and then it’s time to bring them up to 35 strong.

Last week or the week before I had finally finished up the last 3 White Lions, completing their unit at 18 strong.


Wetting the Brush

May 29, 2010

What a crazy week this has been, and a super busy weekend to boot. The wife and I aren’t home all weekend, traveling since Thursday, getting home Monday. Hard to get any hobby time in when it’s so nice out, and our schedual’s keep us moving. I did however finally get my last 3 white lions finished up. A full unit of 6×3 is now done, and I think that’s all the more I’ll run with them, unless the new rules really make me want to run more.

I’m still trying to finish up the larger block of spearelves next, so they’re more complete for 8th, when I want to double their numbers.

I’ll post some WiP pics of the spearelves and the finished up white lions when I’m at home for longer than a few hours.


Wetting the Brush

May 21, 2010

Not much to say from this past week. Work, life and my anniversary ate up almost all the time the last 7 days. I was able to get a couple layers of blue on the White Lions, but that was about it.

The plan for next week is certainly to get things done early, that way I can get some pictures up for next week, and actually have the Lions finished up!


Wetting the Brush : Spearelves.

May 14, 2010

This week in review didn’t see too much painting time at all. I was able to get 3 more spearelves mostly done. By mostly done, I mean they just need their shields attached and painted up. That’ll happen next week, if I can find the spur in the insanely disorganized war room. Behind the spearelves are some 3 white lions who are up next, they have the metal started, but a long ways to go yet before they’ll be finished up.

To make myself feel like I am acutally acomplishing something, I think I’m going to start a running total of what’s been done and what’s currently undergoing painting. So far, after 2 weeks it’ll look something like this:


1 Orc Shaman

Under Construction:

3 HE Spearelves

3 White Lions


Top’s Trial and My Error

May 12, 2010

Last night Top came over to try out his Wood Elves for the first time. I was excited, wanting to play against a new army, see what they all had to offer, and what to fear/smash/run from/attack.

I put together a big block Orcs list, 20 Black orcs, 20 Savage orcs (big uns’) 25 Orcs, 10 Spider Riders and 3 Trolls. Thinking that after I finally engage the fey elves they’d have no chance.

Top’s force was comprised of 2×10 archers, 5 scouts, 5 wild riders, 2×8 dryads, 6 wardancers and a Treeman.

As the game progressed, Top did a fantastic job of playing the elves, even though it was his first time with them. I allowed 3 trees for terrain, which wasn’t the best idea, but he certainly used them well. Moving them to create a bottle neck, and march dryads through for march blocking/flank charging. The scouts + wardancers came down the left flank, causing a panic test on the spider riders the first turn who promptly fled off the table. He had his wildriders ride down the right flank shooting and threatening a flank charge.

As the game progressed, I failed 3 annimosty tests, and since my large blocks of troops where also marched blocked, they made it just over halfway across the table by turn 6. On one of the failed annimosity tests my orcs were unable to manuver around a dryad flank charge + wild riders front charge. So they were promptly destroyed in that combat. His treeman made use of an oppertune failed charge to hit the trolls in the flank and break them.

That was the hi-lights at least. The most unfortunate thing though, was that it was just boring to play. He moved and shot every turn, while I tried to slowly push forward towards anything I could hit, hoping my superior numbers would win the combat for me, while trying not to allow flank charges at the same time. So my turns would consist of 2 min of moving, and casting one spell. While the elves did all the actions of the game. Not so much fun to play against at all.

Of course I think this has a lot to do with my army composition. Orcs are slow, espeically in large groups that can’t manouver very well at all. Next time I think I’ll bring a fast elven list, something that won’t allow the game to be completely one sided like that one was.

On a side note, I hope Top doesn’t lose faith in this army. He just started putting it together, and to base the feel of the army on one game wouldn’t be the best. I’m hoping a for a game that’s more fun this next time around.