Slaanesh Herald

December 3, 2009

Found my Slaanesh Herald model… took some searching, but just bought it today.

She’s actually from the Hordes game, but should be just larger than the Deamonettes and will base nicely, I’m hoping on the 25mm base.

So, that means for my 2.5k I still need, Bloodthirster, 20+ Bloodletters, 5 Furies, 3 Blood Crushers, the Masque and a Hearld of Khorne bsb. We’re getting there for sure.


  1. Her hands are real big.

  2. they’re HUGE

    • I assume the hand size corresponds with fighting ability. She gonna kill my Khorne lord?

      • no, she can’t kill a khorne lord, but my bloodthrister could 😛

    • Could not.

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