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A blast from the past…

December 31, 2009

Might be fun to pick up a few games again….


Modeling: Bloodletters –> Furies

December 31, 2009

Since the Furies models kinda suck, and I’m running an almost all Khorne army, using bloodletters with harpy wings seems like the next logical solution. I just ordered the wings today, as well as my Dwarf Lord for The Warhammer Forums mini exchange I’ll be participating in this year. Should be a fun little conversion, the real trick being how to get them in the air over a lava field to match the rest of the army.


I’m Freezing

December 31, 2009

The heat’s been off at the studio going on day 3 now. It’s damn cold in here, working with the landlord in getting it fixed up. So yesterday, took part of the day to go home and paint up a Flesh Hound. I’ll get some pics on her later, but he’s starting to look ok. It was a chaos hound that I modified myself, and I’m not the greatest at modeling, so he looks just alright. Just need to get 9 more of those modified now, and 5  more of the actual metal models, then I’ll have the 3 units of 5 I need/want.

I think I’m going to make a Teclis magic army 2k today. I’ll post it up on SnakeEyes, another test army for Top and Steve to play against before the tournament. Perhaps I can get Top to make a dwarf army for me to try playing, that’d get me a bit more in the groove, since I haven’t really played the HE’s tourney list much lately.



December 27, 2009

Had a fun game today with Top. Wasn’t the usual which was good. Some of my units worked as they should, some didn’t, his list worked great in some aspects and mediocre in others. All in all a good time had, and an awakening before tournament time. It’s the first time in as long as I can remember the elves had such a problem in a game. They seemed to not want to be fighting, kept running off. Coupled with getting magically dominated, an easy win, or so it looked during the first turn, turned into a draw with not much left on the table. Tactially, I’m not sure I made any mistakes, other than perhaps dispelling the wrong spells. When I’m fighting with an army that needs to break units when they charge, I need to make sure they don’t get a stubborn spell cast on them. Which I thought I dispelled twice, and as it turned out, via the rulebook, neither worked out correctly… oh well, live and learn. It’s great to make these discoveries now rather than durning games that aren’t just for fun.

I do think Top’s list is ready to use for the tourney though, it’s well put together and he uses it quite well. I think, even for an underpowered army, he’ll do alright when we’re there. Of course I’ve never played all that competively so I’m not 100% on that, but that’s my thoughts at least.

I know tournaments run random senarios for games, and I’m giving myself the task of finding those this week, and the random roll chart for them as well. All we ever play anymore is pitched battles, and I think it’d be good for use to start using some alternative rule sets in preparation for the big day.


Mery Chirstmas

December 25, 2009

to all and to all heat. So I woke up this morning with no electricty, silly snowy ice storm must have taken out power. So after trying to figure out what we were going to do with the food, and no hot water, it finally kicked back in. Now the heater’s been running for about 40 min and we’re almost warm again, it’s a Christmas Miricle!!


Daemonette test (wip) and painting whatnots

December 24, 2009

Painted up the tester model last night for the Daemonettes. I think I’m going to keep the colors, she just needs some more touch up work. I’m liking the base and the little bit of light sourcing I’m doing, it’s turning out fairly well. I’m working on getting the bases ready for the whole unit now, only 9 more models, and I think this will be the first unit finished up. Without further ado,

The skin started as bleached bone, with a vallejo sepia glaze for shading, then a watered down skull white highlight and finally a really watered down purple wash. The claws started dark purple, to light purple to blood red. I love how the hair turned out, started dark purple, to dark blue, to light blue to light purple. Her skirt thing turned out pretty well too, build up lighter and lighter purples. The metal still needs work. I’m going to have to do a few black washes on it, and then build to lighter shades.

Before all that though, I’ve got Travis’s Butcher to work on. He got a pile of gots and organs added last night, dangling from his weapons, that was pretty fun to do. He’s getting primmed this morning and hopefully started on the paint tonight. Going to go pretty pale skin with him, not as pale as the Daemonette though, and then splashed with all kinds of blood and gore, should be a fun paint.

Steven, if you have any others you’d like help with, please let me know.

I signed up for the Mini Exchange on the and I’m thinking I’m going to work on a Dwarf lord for my recpiant. A dwarf lord with great weapon, one of Travis’s favorite models.



December 23, 2009

Got a bunch of work done on the basement this week so far. Finished up another exterior wall, and started getting insulation in. Only a few more panels of that left to go, and it’s time for electrical. It’s been a lot of fun so far. I love getting to play with the hammer drill, putting holes in concrete and smashing a z bolt down there with sledge hammer is really quite amusing. I’m starting to get better at using the nail gun as well. My toe-nailing is going much better, I think the connections are coming together well. Using a plumb bob is a new experience as well, kind of tedious, but really helps to get things straightened out. I feel like I’m actually putting up some pretty straight walls now, feels damn good. I’m only about 2/5’s done with the exterior walls down there, but still hoping to hit my end of Jan. goal of having all those done with insulation added, hoping to keep the heating costs down over the winter.