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New Ebay Item —

March 30, 2010

—- Beastmen Army book…. the reviews are up now at Snake Eyes Box Cars.  So, if you’d like a new army book, for the beastmen even. This one could be yours. Just follow this happy little link here and put down a bid for like $30 or so 🙂


Sprunkles or Sprinklet?

March 29, 2010

I certainly feel as if this blog as become super neglected. Not but choice so much as by busyness though. With spring time coming around, there always seems to be a shift in my life, away from gaming and on towards more industrious tasks, such as working on completing the basement or cleaning up the yard.

In those respects the basement certainly has come a long ways. The rest of the walls down there will be finished framing this week/weekend and the electrical hopefully shortly there after. It’s super exciting to see the project progress, as it’s been in a state of stagnation for the past month or so, waiting on tax refund monies.

As for warhammering, even though I haven’t been posting on here much, I have gotten a few games in. Had a fun game with the new VC vs my High Elves, that ended in a major win for the elves. But there hasn’t been much for painting or building. It just seems to me that the house is a bit more important as of late. Along those shifting values in my life, as the pendulum swings away from painting and building models, the blog will reflect and talk more about the construction work. At least for the time being that is.

Snake Eyes : Box Cars will still be discussing gaming, and we’ll continue to game. I’m going to try and keep the comic on that site running as well.


Game Day

March 15, 2010

Headed down to The Handsome Point Boyz territory yesterday for a game, a doubles match against 2 of their teams so they could get ready for adepticon. The game was a lot of fun, I partnered with Ben Jammin, who I’ve never played with or against before, so there was a bit of a play style difference that certainly was a disadvantage.

I brought a mostly goblin list down to play, which, being fun, doesn’t really lend itself well to the team aspect.  Which was exemplified in a fantastic squig unit explosion, killing more friendly Ogre’s than enemies while also heavily wounding his general. Such is the way of the Orcs and Goblins.

Overall a very fun time, 8 dorks in a room, the sun shinning outside, and a fresh spring breeze, days don’t get much better.



March 11, 2010

Haven’t been painting all that much as of late, well, until last night that was…

I found a copy of ‘Manslayer’ a Gotrek and Felix novel, on the ebay for cheap. It was much better than I was expecting. I used to read Dragonlance and a few other older fantasy titles when I was younger, but it’s been many years since I’ve picked up anything similar. Getting into the novel, and being instantly familiar with the background surrounding back story, plus knowing history about the world in general, was an amazing help. I was transported pretty thoroughy to the books narrative amazingly quick. It was certainly an easy read, and not all that complex, but for what it’s worth I really enjoyed it. So now I have a few more books coming from the ebay, different saga’s to Gotrek and Felix, but still in the fantasy warhammer world. I’m excited to read them, but yet, I’d still like to get some painting done. For the 4 days it took to read the book, I painted null, but I got almost 3 spear elves finished up last night.


Black Orcs – Redux

March 4, 2010

I was somewhat trying to organize my massive mess of models in the basement the other day. Since we’re in fact trying to do some construction work down there as well, everything is always being moved around. However I took a bit of a closer look at my Black Orcs. I haven’t played more than 4 games with this unit of 20 in the last 3 years, however I used to use them a lot. I even recalled speed painting them before a tournament in town once, and taking a closer look, I definately speed painted them before a tournament in town. The last rank was missing colors, the rest were done quite quickly, and not up to my current standards. So, taking a slight break from daemons I thought it’d be fun to rework these little guys. So for the past week, that’s what happened. They all got a wash in the current light black dip. The missing colors got finished up and the skin + armor + weapons all got highlighted. Most importantly they’re not standing around on plain black bases anymore.

In under a week, that unit has really transformed, now instead of a black blob with some color spots they look like they belong on the battlefield. Unfortunately, I think this means I need to start looking a bit closer at a few of my other earlier units of Orcs and Goblins… see what else can be fixed up a bit.

Next up, I’m changing my HE list around a bit. Dropping the Prince on a Star Dragon in favor of a Fire mage on a dragon. So I’ll be adding a small unit of swordmasters. A large unit of 18 spears with Noble/Prince/BSB/Archmage (not sure yet), expanding my White Lion unit. I think I’ll add my eagles back to the list, and a couple units of archers instead of the Lotheran Sea Guard, plus a Chariot if there’s room points wise. I think this will end up being a better list for friendly games. Not the ‘I win’ button the Prince + Star dragon turn into… or my Bloodthirster for that matter.

On the daemon front, I think they’ll be sitting out for a bit. Going to take a little break from them. Work on painting and converting some heralds, but my playing focus will certainly be towards OnG and HE again.