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Daemonette test (wip) and painting whatnots

December 24, 2009

Painted up the tester model last night for the Daemonettes. I think I’m going to keep the colors, she just needs some more touch up work. I’m liking the base and the little bit of light sourcing I’m doing, it’s turning out fairly well. I’m working on getting the bases ready for the whole unit now, only 9 more models, and I think this will be the first unit finished up. Without further ado,

The skin started as bleached bone, with a vallejo sepia glaze for shading, then a watered down skull white highlight and finally a really watered down purple wash. The claws started dark purple, to light purple to blood red. I love how the hair turned out, started dark purple, to dark blue, to light blue to light purple. Her skirt thing turned out pretty well too, build up lighter and lighter purples. The metal still needs work. I’m going to have to do a few black washes on it, and then build to lighter shades.

Before all that though, I’ve got Travis’s Butcher to work on. He got a pile of gots and organs added last night, dangling from his weapons, that was pretty fun to do. He’s getting primmed this morning and hopefully started on the paint tonight. Going to go pretty pale skin with him, not as pale as the Daemonette though, and then splashed with all kinds of blood and gore, should be a fun paint.

Steven, if you have any others you’d like help with, please let me know.

I signed up for the Mini Exchange on the and I’m thinking I’m going to work on a Dwarf lord for my recpiant. A dwarf lord with great weapon, one of Travis’s favorite models.


Daemons: Speed + Force = Win

November 30, 2009

Or so I hope. I’m really closing in on my 2.5k target list for building the Daemon army. Almost all Khorne and Slaanesh, the one Tzeench unit (screamers) I think might be coming out as well, since they’re the only Tzeench it just feels funny having them in there from a fluff standpoint.

So far for the list I’m looking at

  • Bloodthirster to lead
  • Hearld of Khorne (skulltaker model, already have, or might do a conversion)
  • Hearld of Slaanesh (conversion build)
  • The Masque
  • Unit of 19 Bloodletters (herald here, core infantry, the center of the line)
  • Unit of 15 Bloodletters (core infantry)
  • Unit of 10 Daemonettes (flanking unit)
  • Unit of 5 furies (cheap and usefull)
  • 2 Units of 5 Khorne Hounds (shock cav, my heavy hitters)
  • 1 Unit of Tzeentch Screamers ( might be removed, not all that usefull + doesn’t fit with theme)
  • 4 Feinds of Slaanesh (super fast, can fight where needed against light troops)
  • 3 Bloodcrushers (really heavy cav, riding with Khorne Hounds)

And that’s 2k, not too many models, but what daemon army is really. I’m thinking this will be a quick army, an effective strong, if small infantry push with a lot of support to hit where and when needed. The slowest movement in the army is 5, and that’s just the bloodletters.

As for models, I already have 10 Daemonettes 4 fiends of Slaanesh, 10 Bloodletters and the Skulltaker model as well. I’m still trying to decide on an overall look for the army, so it might be a bit before I really get started with the painting. But I’m leaning towards a really dark look, with bright colorfull highlights. Hard to explain, but it’s kinda like Tim Burton meets Rob Zombie kinda thing… we’ll see if it works out.