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Wetting the Brush

June 11, 2010

It’s been quite the productive week, finished up 6 Spearelves this week. The unit is now all filled out at 18, just in time for 8th ed which will push the unit to 28 I’m thinking 7×4 and since their elves, they can still all attack 🙂



June 10, 2010

I was poking through my elf bits earlier this week looking for a suitable new head for my GameZone Winged Knight I’ll be running as a mounted lord/hero… you know the old High Elf logic, the bigger the hat the more important they are… well his hat’s currently tiny.

Anywho, whilst digging around I started seeing some spear elf legs… so collecting them, and then the bodies, arms, heads, and spears I found out that I still have at least 11 more elves I haven’t even put together yet, bringing my 18elf unit up to 29, 30 with hero. That rocks!! I’ll hopefully even have this done before the 8th edition box set comes out, so that’ll all be new units for me! What a great day!!

My new mounted Lord/Hero


Wetting the Brush : Even More Elves

June 4, 2010

Finally with Pictures!!!

Finished up almost 3 spear elves today, just need to base the standard and they’ll be just awaiting shields like the rest of the new spearelves.

Hopefully over the next couple weeks the back rank will be all finished up bringing the unit to a full 18 elves, at least until 8th ed comes out, and then it’s time to bring them up to 35 strong.

Last week or the week before I had finally finished up the last 3 White Lions, completing their unit at 18 strong.


Wetting the Brush : Spearelves.

May 14, 2010

This week in review didn’t see too much painting time at all. I was able to get 3 more spearelves mostly done. By mostly done, I mean they just need their shields attached and painted up. That’ll happen next week, if I can find the spur in the insanely disorganized war room. Behind the spearelves are some 3 white lions who are up next, they have the metal started, but a long ways to go yet before they’ll be finished up.

To make myself feel like I am acutally acomplishing something, I think I’m going to start a running total of what’s been done and what’s currently undergoing painting. So far, after 2 weeks it’ll look something like this:


1 Orc Shaman

Under Construction:

3 HE Spearelves

3 White Lions


The Next High Elven Revolution

May 5, 2010

High Elves have been one of my favorite armies since starting this hobby, years and years and years ago.

After all this time though, my army lists followed 2 paths, either heavy magic with a line of archers and repeater bolt throwers, then some eagles for march blocking. The main part of this army is the magic phase, and a couple larger blocks of infantry to absorb the eventual charge. The second path was that of the Prince + Star dragon, a unit of dragon princes, lion chariot as the hammer and a large unit of stubborn, ITP white lions for the anvil.

Play style is quite different for both armies, a gun line vs an attacking force, but after years of playing with the same army, I wanted more. A different style, so a re-imagining of the army needed to take place. Perhaps some units I haven’t used before, like reaver’s or shadow warriors. Then Top decided to start a wood elf army, which brought up the traditional tactics talk. That’s when I realized what I wanted my elves to do.

The concept is part gunline, part denial, and part hammer, and the first draft looks something like this…


Prince – Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armor, Shield, Star Lance, Vambraces of Defense

Noble – Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armor, Shield, Great Weapon, Battle Banner

Dragon Mage – Lvl 2, 2 dispell scrolls.


10 Archers

10 Archers


9 White Lions, Champion

6 Silver Helms, Shields, Champion, Standard, Musician

5 Dragon Princes, Champion, Standard, Musician

Lion Chariot

8 Shadow Warriors


2 Repeating Bolt Throwers

2 Eagles


Deployment looks like above. The archers and their white lion protectors setup on one side near a bolt thrower and an eagle behind them, using the edge of the table as a refused flank. After they go down and the second bolt thrower on the opposite side, plus an eagle near the middle of the table you’ve got 6 units down and your opponent should have hopefully fielded a couple larger units by now. Usually I’ll setup the lion chariot next near the center line, then the Silver helms on the opposite flank of the archers, with the dragon princes right next to them.

The idea here, use the eagles for march blocking the main enemy force and the shadow warriors to harass their progress, while shooting and causing as many panic tests as possible per turn. Focusing fire if the enemy is ITP and trying to reduce their numbers as much as possible. Meanwhile the right side presses forward, the silver helms taking the right flank, and any unit over there, leaving the dragon princes free to combo charge towards the center of the table with the lion chariot.

For characters, the dragon mage makes for great distraction and miss direction on the DP&SH flank, drop him behind enemy lines as soon as possible. The Prince gets lined up with either the SH or DP’s depending on who needs the extra power, and the BSB with the battle banner needs to be with the Dragon Princes, depending on the banner to break whoever they hit the first turn.

In the first battle this plan worked out great, but then again it was against Ogre’s. But I’m anxious to get them out on the battle field again soon, and see what we can accomplish. The army setup is a lot more fun to play than my traditional hammer/anvil setup and much more interesting than the elven gunline.


Black Orcs – Redux

March 4, 2010

I was somewhat trying to organize my massive mess of models in the basement the other day. Since we’re in fact trying to do some construction work down there as well, everything is always being moved around. However I took a bit of a closer look at my Black Orcs. I haven’t played more than 4 games with this unit of 20 in the last 3 years, however I used to use them a lot. I even recalled speed painting them before a tournament in town once, and taking a closer look, I definately speed painted them before a tournament in town. The last rank was missing colors, the rest were done quite quickly, and not up to my current standards. So, taking a slight break from daemons I thought it’d be fun to rework these little guys. So for the past week, that’s what happened. They all got a wash in the current light black dip. The missing colors got finished up and the skin + armor + weapons all got highlighted. Most importantly they’re not standing around on plain black bases anymore.

In under a week, that unit has really transformed, now instead of a black blob with some color spots they look like they belong on the battlefield. Unfortunately, I think this means I need to start looking a bit closer at a few of my other earlier units of Orcs and Goblins… see what else can be fixed up a bit.

Next up, I’m changing my HE list around a bit. Dropping the Prince on a Star Dragon in favor of a Fire mage on a dragon. So I’ll be adding a small unit of swordmasters. A large unit of 18 spears with Noble/Prince/BSB/Archmage (not sure yet), expanding my White Lion unit. I think I’ll add my eagles back to the list, and a couple units of archers instead of the Lotheran Sea Guard, plus a Chariot if there’s room points wise. I think this will end up being a better list for friendly games. Not the ‘I win’ button the Prince + Star dragon turn into… or my Bloodthirster for that matter.

On the daemon front, I think they’ll be sitting out for a bit. Going to take a little break from them. Work on painting and converting some heralds, but my playing focus will certainly be towards OnG and HE again.


High Elves: Display Board

January 20, 2010

Almost finished up the display board this morning. It’s mostly painted up, stained and all put together, just needs some more paint tonight and then ready for static grass. It’ll be heavily covered in static grass, which I’m hoping really brings it all together more and helps the realism aspect.

Decided to go with the diamond pattern to showcase the dragon even more. He gets to stand up on the hill with bolt throwers and look all menacing. I’m still trying to decide if I should put a name plate type thing the front. “Defenders of the Phoenix Gate” as the army is named… need that fluffy stuff.