Top’s Trial and My Error

May 12, 2010

Last night Top came over to try out his Wood Elves for the first time. I was excited, wanting to play against a new army, see what they all had to offer, and what to fear/smash/run from/attack.

I put together a big block Orcs list, 20 Black orcs, 20 Savage orcs (big uns’) 25 Orcs, 10 Spider Riders and 3 Trolls. Thinking that after I finally engage the fey elves they’d have no chance.

Top’s force was comprised of 2×10 archers, 5 scouts, 5 wild riders, 2×8 dryads, 6 wardancers and a Treeman.

As the game progressed, Top did a fantastic job of playing the elves, even though it was his first time with them. I allowed 3 trees for terrain, which wasn’t the best idea, but he certainly used them well. Moving them to create a bottle neck, and march dryads through for march blocking/flank charging. The scouts + wardancers came down the left flank, causing a panic test on the spider riders the first turn who promptly fled off the table. He had his wildriders ride down the right flank shooting and threatening a flank charge.

As the game progressed, I failed 3 annimosty tests, and since my large blocks of troops where also marched blocked, they made it just over halfway across the table by turn 6. On one of the failed annimosity tests my orcs were unable to manuver around a dryad flank charge + wild riders front charge. So they were promptly destroyed in that combat. His treeman made use of an oppertune failed charge to hit the trolls in the flank and break them.

That was the hi-lights at least. The most unfortunate thing though, was that it was just boring to play. He moved and shot every turn, while I tried to slowly push forward towards anything I could hit, hoping my superior numbers would win the combat for me, while trying not to allow flank charges at the same time. So my turns would consist of 2 min of moving, and casting one spell. While the elves did all the actions of the game. Not so much fun to play against at all.

Of course I think this has a lot to do with my army composition. Orcs are slow, espeically in large groups that can’t manouver very well at all. Next time I think I’ll bring a fast elven list, something that won’t allow the game to be completely one sided like that one was.

On a side note, I hope Top doesn’t lose faith in this army. He just started putting it together, and to base the feel of the army on one game wouldn’t be the best. I’m hoping a for a game that’s more fun this next time around.


  1. Sorry about your luck against the Woodies, but by Gork those are some expensive blocks you were fielding! I can’t imagine a Wood Elf unit where 20 Black Orcs will do what a normal Orc Boyz block can’t, and I imagine those Savage Big ‘Uns were baited away from where you wanted them with their frenzy?

    Against Wood Elves, I’d go with Squig Hoppers for clearing out forests without penalty, Chariots for when the elves come out of hiding, spear chukkas if they bring a treeman, Doom Diver to take out skirmishers, and go magic heavy with 2 shamans, since their units are really vulnerable to our green damaging spells! šŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the comment Trollhoer. I really didn’t build this list to fight such a skirmish, evasive army as the WE’s. Normally I love the big blocks of infantry marching forward, demolishing what they hit, running off due to panic checks, that sort of thing. Was just trying a setup that didn’t seem to work out all that well. Next time I’ll bring a better, more balanced force, cheaper choices, and whatnot… good suggestions on what to include šŸ˜›

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