Wetting the Brush

April 30, 2010

Man Spring gets crazy, and Summer even more so. Being a photographer, wedding season and senior portraits are coming up fast. Unfortunately that means painting takes a backseat. I’ve only managed to get the skin done on a Orc Shaman over the past 5 weeks. That’s slow painting right there. I think it’s time to step it up though. Every year around this time, I seem to fall out of the hobby because life gets too busy, then come winter I dive back in full force. I’d love to straighten that pendulum out though, keep working on projects, even if it’s just a few hours a week, all year long. Sticking with it, even just a little, and I think I’ll get a lot more done, and start closing the gap on all those unpainted models running around on my gaming table.

Here’s the pledge, a weekly post, with what I’ve done that week. I’m not saying it’s got to be much, just enough to make sure I’m not totally disconnected from the hobby side of Warhammer. A post, a pic, and a story of where to head next week, and beyond. Oh lets see, we’ll call it “Wetting Brush” and set the next update for next Friday.

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