The Chaos Tide

April 8, 2010

Played another game tonight. Feeling super fortunate for all the games I’ve been getting in lately. This one was a 2250 against VC. I hadn’t played my Daemon army in some time. I felt pretty bad after that last games with them. So I re-tooled them a bit, dropped the super Bloodthirster for an all herald list, with infantry of Nurgle Khorne and Slaanesh.

Turns out, that’s pretty effective as well, producing quite a solid win.

This was my first time using plaguebearers, and when they have  a herald with them, they’re near impossible to kill. I’m thinking a conversion for that unit is a must for sure, since they were just proxied in today.


  1. I got pwned.

    • It’s true, and next you get to play against High Elves! Lucky you. You should bring the gobbo army and rip up my knights with fanatics.

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