A Classic Battle

April 7, 2010

Dwarves and Orcs and Goblins, a classic rivalry. Sunday, two forces epitomizing the armies faced off, a Dwaven gunline vs a Largely Night Goblin mostly infantry horde.

Terrain setup, the dwarves on the far side getting ready to castle around the tiny rock hill.

Terrain setup, the dwarves are on the far side, about to castle around the tiny little rock hill in the left corner. The goblin forces are headed up by Skarsnik, who’s sneaky scheming held up the dwarven Ironbreakers, the perceived worst threat.

Skarsnik’s plan for the battle was to have the Night Goblins march forward first, directly at the large infantry protecting the warmachines and anvil, deploy their fanatics, and get stuck in where possible with support from 2 snotling pump wagons and an Orc Big Boss in a chariot, hopefully all without running away. Following them would be the large unit of orcs supporting the right flank, and a unit of black orcs targeting the dwarven warriors, then the anvil. The squig herd would lend some support to the left flank, and hopefully chew up some slayers. Meanwhile, the Giant, wolf riders and spider riders would lead an attack on the dwarves right flank, hitting the gunners and crossbows first.

Setup, there's another spear chukka in the left corner, not quite visable.

The goblin/orc line.

The first part of the battle didn’t go all that well for the goblins. The Orc Big Boss had his chariot shot out from under him on the first turn, while the anvil of doom destroyed all the spider riders which caused the wolf riders to run off the board. So the Giant marched forward, trying to hide behind the buildings so the warmachines couldn’t target him next.

Solo giant, in hiding.

The goblins and orcs move up after their Big Boss has his chariot destroyed, he quickly jumped into the Orc unit.

Marching forwardsThe squig chariot (snotling pump wagon) moves up to threaten a gyrocopter in hiding behind those trees, while the Orcs are magic’d forward another 10 inches, threatening a charge in the next turn.

As the gobbos continue to move forward, they start taking heavy casualties. The gyrocopter manages to force 2 units of Night Goblins to release their fanatics much much to early. The pump wagon takes vengence though, by chasing it down and destroying it.

The pile of dead, turn 2 - I think there was 1 dead dwarf at this point.

As the game progresses, the gobbos close the distance, more fanatics pop out, sending one through the slayers and 2 warmachines. The greenies are still taking casualties, like nobodies business, but they’re made for dying and against these hated dwarves, they weren’t about to run away.

The advance continues.

The pile of dead grows. Unfortunately the giant is now among their numbers, with out even making it to combat 😦

Oh no's so many green skins dead....

Holy crap even more dead...

With so many dead, it’s starting to look pretty bad. I only have the unit of orcs fighting some Ironbreakers by this point, losing badly. The goblins are gettting close, but Skarsnik’s unit has only 3 models left. The Black orcs aren’t doing too badly, as Skarsnik’s unit has been screening them most of the battle. Realizing this, Skarsnik jumped ship from the dying goblin unit ordering them to go stand in front of the Organ gun  and then joined up with the black orcs, who were then actually charged by the dwaven warriors, eager to get into close combat. A large mistake on their part.

Last stand of the heroic goblins - making the Organ Gun shoot at them, or nothing.

The dwarven warriors who charged the black orcs quickly realized they were in over their heads, they turned tail and ran, getting cut down in the process. The black orcs were then able to carry that momentum forward to the next unit of warriors, the only thing left before the anvil and warmachines. On the left side, the night goblins couldn’t hold out against a unit of slayers, fleeing and giving a squig herd a chance at them. On the right side, the 3 orcs that were left after running from the Ironbreakers and being shot up by crossbows and guns, were finally able to re-engage with the Ironbreakers who were marching in vain to the save the anvil.

By the end of the game, there wasn’t much left on either side. The black orcs with Skarsnik finally made it to the anvil, but were unable to kill all the guardsmen. The slayers hung on with 2 members, as did the unit of orcs fighting the Ironbreakers. The dwarven warmachines were all missing crew members, and almost all their infantry was destroyed. The final tally ended up being about 150 points in favor of the dwarves.

End of the game.

So many dead, dying for the glory of the Waaaagh!


  1. Go dwarfs! YEAHH! Boo to the grobi!

    That was a great report guys, nicely done. Glad to see the dwarfs win though.

  2. Stinking stunties! More fast moving ladz would have won the game!

    • Faster guys would have really helped. Perhaps in the rematch 🙂

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