Game Day

April 4, 2010

An age old grudge match taking place in a few hours. The wee hours of dawn will see the forces of Skarsnik’s Waaagh vs the Dwarven Defenders. Getting setup to play an epic match tomorrow (well, today actually, given it’s 1 am), should be a fun game. I haven’t yet played with Skarsnik as my general, or in my army at all for that matter. Going up against Travis’s Dwarves, which he hasn’t played much of in the past year or so.

I’m really excited for the battle, and I’ve got some ideas for the battle report… a new approach for this site and Snake Eyes Box Cars…. here’s hoping it’ll work out.


  1. Hehe, we’ll see if he actually makes it to the game.

  2. Argh! Who to support?! Well, the dwarfs obviously! Go dwarfs, slaughter the grobi! -__^

    I look forward to the report of the victorious dwarfs.

    • Die stuntys die… or the Waaagh turns into a Runawaaaay

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