Sprunkles or Sprinklet?

March 29, 2010

I certainly feel as if this blog as become super neglected. Not but choice so much as by busyness though. With spring time coming around, there always seems to be a shift in my life, away from gaming and on towards more industrious tasks, such as working on completing the basement or cleaning up the yard.

In those respects the basement certainly has come a long ways. The rest of the walls down there will be finished framing this week/weekend and the electrical hopefully shortly there after. It’s super exciting to see the project progress, as it’s been in a state of stagnation for the past month or so, waiting on tax refund monies.

As for warhammering, even though I haven’t been posting on here much, I have gotten a few games in. Had a fun game with the new VC vs my High Elves, that ended in a major win for the elves. But there hasn’t been much for painting or building. It just seems to me that the house is a bit more important as of late. Along those shifting values in my life, as the pendulum swings away from painting and building models, the blog will reflect and talk more about the construction work. At least for the time being that is.

Snake Eyes : Box Cars will still be discussing gaming, and we’ll continue to game. I’m going to try and keep the comic on that site running as well.

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