March 11, 2010

Haven’t been painting all that much as of late, well, until last night that was…

I found a copy of ‘Manslayer’ a Gotrek and Felix novel, on the ebay for cheap. It was much better than I was expecting. I used to read Dragonlance and a few other older fantasy titles when I was younger, but it’s been many years since I’ve picked up anything similar. Getting into the novel, and being instantly familiar with the background surrounding back story, plus knowing history about the world in general, was an amazing help. I was transported pretty thoroughy to the books narrative amazingly quick. It was certainly an easy read, and not all that complex, but for what it’s worth I really enjoyed it. So now I have a few more books coming from the ebay, different saga’s to Gotrek and Felix, but still in the fantasy warhammer world. I’m excited to read them, but yet, I’d still like to get some painting done. For the 4 days it took to read the book, I painted null, but I got almost 3 spear elves finished up last night.


  1. I have the first Gotrek Omnibus, which is the first 3 novels. Let me know if you want it when I’m done.

  2. That would be great yes!

    • I’m almost done with the second one, Skavenslayer.

  3. I personally love the Slayer series. I am a dwarf player and Gotrek has so much character. It does change later on as William King stops being the author, but the series continues just as well.

    One of my favourite has to be Daemonslayer, Gotrek is AWESOME in that one. I have a large collection of BL novels, over 100 Fantasy and 40k ones in fact. I prefer the Fantasy though, and have quite enjoyed the “Time of Legends” series they are bringing out about infamous characters from the Fantasy universe. Kinda like their own Horus Heresy, but not about a single subject.

    • Good to hear the books are overall fairly well done, I have a few more on the way now from ebay, time to start my collection growing 🙂

      I’m not sure I’ll really get into the 40k ones though, so much more a fan of the fantasy world. However, I am pretty excited for the movie they’re making, Ultramarines.

      • heh. I have way too many, but love them none the less. They add a nice touch to the universe I find. And some are just plain fun.

        What ones are you getting?

        I know what you mean, I love the fantasy ones more – mainly as I prefer the fantasy fiction and universe. The 40k ones it is always too easy to make the characters stale and overpowered (I mean, the main stories revolve around genetically enhanced superhuman’s)

        Yeah, the film sounds pretty good. I’m interested to see how well it is received and if they go for a general release or a straight to DVD style (depends on how bad it is I suppose).

      • Lets, see, getting Nagash the Sorcerer next, in the mail already. I’m bidding on Death & Dishonour, Iron Company, Shamanslayer,and Witch Killer so far.

        As for the movie, I have a gut feeling it’s going straight to DVD for release. GW would really need to pull together a giant budget for a theatre release. However, doing a theatre release I’m sure would really bring a lot of attention to the hobby, and reach a ton of new people. Same goes for the 40k MMO that’s in the works currently. I hope the MMO goes over better than WaR did.

      • I really enjoyed the Nagash ones. The Sigmar one was perhaps my favourite, but they skipped the whole part (if I remember right) about his infamous battle with the dwarfs at Blackfire Pass. Which was a shame.

        Do you have the other slayer novels? I’d read them in order. They don’t have much continuity, but there are some bits – like character references that you might not get. But sounds like a decent range. When I get some money, after uni most likely, I’ll have to start collecting them once more. 😀 (That’ll please the missus more. XD)

        Yeah, I do think that might be the case. It makes sense, but would be awesome to watch it on the big screen. It might bring people, but then I expect a lot would be put off by the cost and time requirements the hobby has. Shame.

        Hm, not sure on the MMO really. I don’t know how well that’ll come across. I wasn’t really aware WAR didn’t do that well. How come? I know many coined it as the “new WOW” as such, which I thought was a stupid thing to do. It just not what they claimed it would be then?

      • I started with the Manslayer book, first ever Warhammer Fantasy read.

        As for the MMO – WaR was billed by some people as a WoW killer, but they were very different. I loved the game, but it got old pretty fast. The endgame was all PVP, which rocked at first, but got to be the same thing over and over after awhile. Then the player base really started dropping off. There’s still a good number of people playing though. For the 40k MMO, I have high hopes, but it’s at least 2 years out still.

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