Black Orcs – Redux

March 4, 2010

I was somewhat trying to organize my massive mess of models in the basement the other day. Since we’re in fact trying to do some construction work down there as well, everything is always being moved around. However I took a bit of a closer look at my Black Orcs. I haven’t played more than 4 games with this unit of 20 in the last 3 years, however I used to use them a lot. I even recalled speed painting them before a tournament in town once, and taking a closer look, I definately speed painted them before a tournament in town. The last rank was missing colors, the rest were done quite quickly, and not up to my current standards. So, taking a slight break from daemons I thought it’d be fun to rework these little guys. So for the past week, that’s what happened. They all got a wash in the current light black dip. The missing colors got finished up and the skin + armor + weapons all got highlighted. Most importantly they’re not standing around on plain black bases anymore.

In under a week, that unit has really transformed, now instead of a black blob with some color spots they look like they belong on the battlefield. Unfortunately, I think this means I need to start looking a bit closer at a few of my other earlier units of Orcs and Goblins… see what else can be fixed up a bit.

Next up, I’m changing my HE list around a bit. Dropping the Prince on a Star Dragon in favor of a Fire mage on a dragon. So I’ll be adding a small unit of swordmasters. A large unit of 18 spears with Noble/Prince/BSB/Archmage (not sure yet), expanding my White Lion unit. I think I’ll add my eagles back to the list, and a couple units of archers instead of the Lotheran Sea Guard, plus a Chariot if there’s room points wise. I think this will end up being a better list for friendly games. Not the ‘I win’ button the Prince + Star dragon turn into… or my Bloodthirster for that matter.

On the daemon front, I think they’ll be sitting out for a bit. Going to take a little break from them. Work on painting and converting some heralds, but my playing focus will certainly be towards OnG and HE again.


  1. I hear all the cool people are playing greenskins these days.

    • For sure they are.

  2. Nothing wrong with Black Orcs. Someone needs to keep those other gits in line, eh?

    • For sure, but in almost every game the just become a huge points sink, since it’s the only unit I have the at enemy is afraid of 😛

      • Hm. That is true. Its a shame, but makes sense, as such. I look forward to the next instalment of the greenskin book

      • New book will be wonderful, they could certainly use it.

      • Not before my dwarfs! 😛

        That said, I plan to make an army of them at some point. I am quite curious as to the contents of this new orc and goblin update GW has planned for May.

        I expect, as the rumours have been going around saying, it’ll be some new boyz and boar boyz plastics.

      • I’ve been holding off getting any boar boys since the current models are pretty bland. I thought about getting the GameZone ones, but they’re just too expensive. So, fingers crossed new ones will be coming in May.

      • Yeah, the boar boyz haven’t been updated for a rather long time. Such is how GW work. There have been sights of the 3-up sized boar sculpts, and thus its been assumed that the plastic boar boyz are on their way.

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