Wash/Dip pics – Army Display Board

January 26, 2010

Got my order in from GW yesterday, and the army board is now covered in grass. Still need to put a coat or two of varnish on the outside wood, and a bit of touch up painting on the soil/roads/rocks before that gets sprayed. I’m also thinking of how to create a name plate… not sure if that will get done in time for Waggh-paca or not, but at least the board will be finished up.

Finally got around to getting pictures up of the dipped models as well. Les’s recipe worked out great, here’s a plain white model after the dip.

Looking great as is for something like a VC army, but since they’re High Elves, they could use a bit more color. This will make speed painting a breeze though (not that I really do that much any more…).

I put some on the finished Daemonettes as well… here’s the before/after to really see the difference.

Since this was working out so well, I figured I’d get all the High Elves finished up as well. Over the weekend they all got washed and are now certainly ready for the big game.

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