Dwarf Lord, better pics

January 21, 2010

sort of… just worked on the last ones… but I like it this way better… posting up on CoolMiniOrNot today as well, go vote for me 😉 This will be my first mini up there, and I’m just hoping to break 5.5


  1. wow, was hoping for a 5.5, since 5 is tabletop gaming standard, it’s currently resting at 4.0, ouch. With that kind of feedback, I’m hoping the next peice will be better, and if not, I’ll have to stop posting on there, I don’t think my ego can take the abuse.

    • Most people are just jerks. Anyone who thinks that is below tabletop standards is blind or dumb or both.

      • Just have a higher standard than me. As for excuses, this was the smallest model I’ve ever painted, and there’s flaws in the pictures that I can’t see in person looking at the model. Perhaps my bad old eyes just need work…

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