January 14, 2010

Got a bunch of work done on the basement today, the Warhammer room is almost all enclosed now, just need to do the wall that will have the door and a closet. For my exterior walls, I’m at the most difficult part, going around all kinds of plumbing means cutting the boards to allow room for the pipes, and headers at different levels. It’s a lot of measuring and re-measureing and cutting and slow going. The good news is though, in a bout 4 feet I’ll be clear of them and it’s smooth sailing for the rest of the way around the exterior. Then insulation and I’m set for a bit before starting the interior walls.

Got a few more bloodletters assembled today too, only 17 more to go. I think I’m going to pick up the bloodcrusher that’s at Johnny Cees soon for my herald, as they’re going for almost the same price on the ebay. Once he’s put together I’ll be ready to play the 2k army w/o needing to proxy anything!

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