January 13, 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post some images of what I’ve been up to, Warhammer wise, as little as it has been.

First up, I’m partaking in The Warhammer Forum’s Mini Exchange this year, and I got a guy who plays dwarves. So I set out to find the most awesome dwarf lord model GW makes. After I got him in the mail, I finally realized just how short these dwarves were, they’re just silly short. So to get him up above the regular troopers I thought a busted up rock, with dwaven runes on it would be a great thing to stand on. So last night, one got sculpted. I’m pretty new at this sculpting business, and this was the hardest one I’ve done yet. It’s green stuff forming the more dwarven carved rock with runes, over cork making up the broken off chunks.

I learned pretty quick that using green stuff around cork isn’t the greatest idea, when trying to move the putty around the cork gives too much making the whole thing kinda squishy. The black/brown bits on the front are little bits of rock, I was trying to get a texture imprint from an actual rock. Overall I’m pretty happy with it, however I know my sculpting ability could use a lot of improvement for sure. Hoping to get some paint on him tonight and finished up by the end of next week.

I’ve gotten one of my converted Flesh Hounds done. He’s an early attempt at sculpting as well, and didn’t turn out the best. I think I’ll try something a bit different on the other Hounds.

And here’s a shot of the bases for the whole unit, who’ll be painted up after the Daemonette’s unit is finished up.

I’ve gotten a start on assembling the Bloodthirster as well, not that exciting I know, but I’m still just in awe of how big this guy’s wings are. Had to pin/glue/greenstuff them to get them in solid. Here he is next to a Bloodletter

Finally I have a group shot of the Daemonettes that are finished up, almost the whole second rank. I’m really liking the colors and can’t wait to get this unit finished up. Only have 6 more to go, and bases for 9 of them total, so about 2 weeks I’m hoping.


  1. The thing that looks strange about the dog to me is that his back hump is so large. It goes quite a bit above where his “shoulders” would be. If you want spiky bits for him come raid my bits box.

    • Yeah, he’s all goofy looking for sure… I will certainly take you up on the spiky bits offer though.

      I think I’m going to do a couple normal flesh hounds before modifying anymore chaos hounds.

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