I’m Freezing

December 31, 2009

The heat’s been off at the studio going on day 3 now. It’s damn cold in here, working with the landlord in getting it fixed up. So yesterday, took part of the day to go home and paint up a Flesh Hound. I’ll get some pics on her later, but he’s starting to look ok. It was a chaos hound that I modified myself, and I’m not the greatest at modeling, so he looks just alright. Just need to get 9 more of those modified now, and 5  more of the actual metal models, then I’ll have the 3 units of 5 I need/want.

I think I’m going to make a Teclis magic army 2k today. I’ll post it up on SnakeEyes, another test army for Top and Steve to play against before the tournament. Perhaps I can get Top to make a dwarf army for me to try playing, that’d get me a bit more in the groove, since I haven’t really played the HE’s tourney list much lately.

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