Daemons: Speed + Force = Win

November 30, 2009

Or so I hope. I’m really closing in on my 2.5k target list for building the Daemon army. Almost all Khorne and Slaanesh, the one Tzeench unit (screamers) I think might be coming out as well, since they’re the only Tzeench it just feels funny having them in there from a fluff standpoint.

So far for the list I’m looking at

  • Bloodthirster to lead
  • Hearld of Khorne (skulltaker model, already have, or might do a conversion)
  • Hearld of Slaanesh (conversion build)
  • The Masque
  • Unit of 19 Bloodletters (herald here, core infantry, the center of the line)
  • Unit of 15 Bloodletters (core infantry)
  • Unit of 10 Daemonettes (flanking unit)
  • Unit of 5 furies (cheap and usefull)
  • 2 Units of 5 Khorne Hounds (shock cav, my heavy hitters)
  • 1 Unit of Tzeentch Screamers ( might be removed, not all that usefull + doesn’t fit with theme)
  • 4 Feinds of Slaanesh (super fast, can fight where needed against light troops)
  • 3 Bloodcrushers (really heavy cav, riding with Khorne Hounds)

And that’s 2k, not too many models, but what daemon army is really. I’m thinking this will be a quick army, an effective strong, if small infantry push with a lot of support to hit where and when needed. The slowest movement in the army is 5, and that’s just the bloodletters.

As for models, I already have 10 Daemonettes 4 fiends of Slaanesh, 10 Bloodletters and the Skulltaker model as well. I’m still trying to decide on an overall look for the army, so it might be a bit before I really get started with the painting. But I’m leaning towards a really dark look, with bright colorfull highlights. Hard to explain, but it’s kinda like Tim Burton meets Rob Zombie kinda thing… we’ll see if it works out.


  1. I like the idea of a dark rocky color with bright magma coming through. Could be cool on bases at least. Just my 2 cents…

    • Thought about that for bases, it’d be great for the khorne guys, but not sure about the slaanesh with it.

      • Slaanesh is all writhing tentacles. 🙂

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