The Last of the 2k

November 28, 2009

Started painting my final bolt thrower for the High Elf 2k list and started the base build for them. It’s going to end up being  a pretty big base, like my goblin spear chukka’s are, and pretty elevated, but I think it’ll turn out pretty sweet in the end. One of the crew has a map and the other is pointing, which makes me believe they choose the high ground, behind the rest of the army because they got lost on their way to the battle….

Progress wise, I got the machine itself done, and half done with one crewman. A few more hours on those guys, and a few on the base and I’ll be all set!

I’ll post pics soon. some WIP stuff with the base and where the painting is at.

One comment

  1. I got some done tonight too, that’s what happens when you have to go home early. 🙂

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