November 9, 2009

studsMade some headway on the basement over the weekend and this morning. Got my second wall section up and ready to be straightened and nailed into the concrete. Before I can do the last segment of that wall though, I get to knock a hole in the existing wall at the bottom of the stairs and install a door. Since I’ve never put in a door before, this should really be an interesting project. But I have all the materials now, so after the door gets stained, I think I’ll try and get my friend Adam over to help with this first door.

Working on the basement has been a lot of fun and work so far. I’m learning a lot already, just really simple things, common sense stuff and problem solving, like how to build a wall around a heating duct. Solution, take out the duct and put it back in later, and make sure you don’t run a 2×4 stud through where you need to put it back in.

So on the way home tonight, time to stop and get a chalk line to make sure my wall is built in the exact right spot and grab some stain to get approved by the wife before staining tonight or tomorrow morning.

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