war radio

November 5, 2009

radio460As the pendulum of my life swings back towards Warhammer and table top gaming, I’ve been getting back in touch with some of the old websites I used to haunt frequently. They just don’t seem to be holding the same charm for me anymore though, it seems to be that over the past couple years that nothing has really changed. Same questions, same discussions, just different digital faces.

Thankfully the handsome point boys were there to help out. As to Steve’s suggestion I’ve started listening to their podcast and that led to others. I’m currently drifting through Bad Dice from the UK and next up the Miscast Podcast. It’s strange really, a bunch of guys sitting around talking about a hobbie for about an hour every couple of weeks.

Listening through the episodes it really helps to create a sense of community. It’s not much of a 2 way street, they do take questions, but mostly it’s just them rambling. However, it’s able to bridge the distance, and makes me at least feel that I’m not only in this hobbie with my couple of friends that play, but there is a much larger picture out there. A larger group of dorks.

This new discovery is really getting me excited to try my first tournament outside of Wausau. There’s really not much going on here in the form of organized play, so I think it’s going to be an eye opening experiance to play with so many others.

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