thoughts on painting

November 4, 2009

w300abstractSince the new daemons army is becoming a reality, I’m thinking it’s time to start planning out color schemes and how this overall will end up looking. The armies default colors are Khorne: Red, Bronze, Black, White. Slaanesh: Purple, Blue, White. Nurgle: Green, Puke Brown, Yellow. Tzeentch: Pink, Blue, Purple.

Since the army I’m building will be mostly Khorne and Slaanesh, with a sprinkling of Nurgle and Tzeentch, I’m hoping I can pull all these colors together cohesively. I’m thinking bright but dark blues, fading to white. Bright reds fading to black. Highlights of white on all. And for metal, forgoing Khorne’s bronze and going with a darker steel color, fading up to bright silver. Using banners and accesories, I should be able to pull the colors together in differing units. Red in the Slaanesh banner, blue in the Khorne banner. We’ll see if it works.  I’m hoping this will create a reasonably good looking group of mini’s.

Basing is a totally different aspect. Since I want to play with the models right away, they’re already getting glued down. Doing basing after gluing is always harder. So I might just do a simple sand base with dead looking grass. Plain, but easier to do, and not quite so much work, since I do have a million other things going on as well.

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