Waugh-paca: Army Building

October 28, 2009


Checked up the tourney rules yesterday and it looks like they’re running this event at 2k even. Usually we play 2150, so I needed to slim down my normal list just a bit. So the Silver Helms got the axe, cut from the list, and now riding the shelf. As it turns out, cutting the one unit that I still have left to paint, and the one unit that I’m usually not sure how to use was pretty awesome. With them in the army in addition to the Dragon Princes usually got me a bit confused playing, and they usually just ended up being sacrificed. Now, the next unit to make sure I know how to use, the Lion Chariot. It’s almost the same cost as the silver helms that are getting cut. It doesn’t move as fast, it doesn’t hit as hard, but it has better staying power in the second turn, it’s more manuverable and I’m hoping it can help break combats on my White Lions.

Other than that one cut, the army stays pretty much the same. I’m good with that, they’ve preformed well for me in the past, and I’l hopefully get a few more games played with before the tournament starts up.

Oh yeah, I do still need to get some painting done though. I have to finish one more repeating bolt thrower before the event, but with like 3 months to go, I don’t think that will be much of Ā a challenge.

Super excited to finally, after like 15 years, to have a fully painted 2k army ready to roll.


  1. Will be nice to play with lots of painted stuff. šŸ™‚

  2. that will really rock, been looking forward to that since we first started šŸ™‚

    • Tell Top to get moving too!

      • he’s all kinds of busy or something… he’ll take winter break to get ready i’m sure

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