Auto bots, roll out!

October 28, 2009

transformers2So I finally watched Transformers 2. I didn’t get a chance to see it in the theater, which kinda sucks, but I did get to play it on the 50″ in the studio today, and watch it with Kel last night. Pretty good movie, I like all the action, even more than last time, but I do have to say, that on the smaller screen it gets way too chaotic. You can’t really tell what’s happening, who’s who when it comes to the machines and sometimes even who’s hurting who. The bigger screen at the studio helped a lot, which makes me regret missing the theater action even more. Ahh well, I’ll have to make sure to see the 3rd that way.

While watching with Kelly she had a great observation, “What if you could take this movie back 30 years and show it then?” Wow, can you imagine seeing it that way, having never known CGI or even the concept of the transformers. Sure 30 years ago there was sci-fi, books, and movies/tv shows tried to capture it, but to see it done like this, wow, that would just be mind blowing.

Last thought on the movie. At first I really didn’t like all the little comic relief parts they threw in, but in thinking back to the cartoon, that was always there. By the end of the movie I was actually enjoying it, the ‘twins’ and the mini scrape bot that joined the auto bots and humped Makayla’s leg. A bit sexual for the cartoon, but still pretty funny.  Over all, really liked it.

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