October 26, 2009

Sportsmanship Award

Looks like the sign up is up and ready. Waaagh-Paca weekend, January 30th and 31st. 5 game event and the winner gets… a 1/4 scale spear chukka.

Anyhow, the small group of guys we’ve got should get a club/clan name. I’m not really sure on what to call it, but…

  1. stupid heads
  2. lame riders
  3. kachow time
  4. W.A.R. – Wausau Area Ramblers
  5. shit town
  6. 3 wise men
  7. play more
  8. flying models

Well, those are my top choices, but I’m certainly interested in hearing other suggestions 😛

spearchukka - 1st place trophy

One comment

  1. lol nice names. 🙂

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